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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

7:38 AM



Effective Communication
Speech Power
Voice Care and Management
Academic Excellence
Passion and Purpose
Emotional Management
Womanhood & Leadership
Inspirational Speaking
Team Culture Building


If you wish to see amazing lady on stage as your speaker, you may consider Monica Sagad-Molmisa. For invitation, you may fill out the form below or email You may also contact 0906 211 7256.

4:20 AM

Students in Pampanga

You can only go as far as your mind limits you.

I'm so blessed to have spoken in front of thousands of student leaders from different high schools across Pampanga. 

Thank you, Kuya Myron of the Thought Leaders Philippines Speakers and Trainers Bureau for entrusting me with this great opportunity. It is my honor and privilege to be there. A big thanks to Kuya Al Ian and Kuya Lloyd for all the learnings. I am grateful also to my parents (daddy Manuel and mommy Ofelia), Kuya Benjamin, and my best buddy Marlon for accompanying me. Most importantly, I thank the Lord for everything that He has been doing in my life. He is good forever! :)

3:29 AM

God-Given Purpose

Most people define success by titles, achievements, wealth, etc. But true success is functioning and fulfilling the God-given purpose by which we were created. :) 

About Monica

Monica Sagad is a certified speech pathologist, speaker, trainer, and co-author of the leadership book, The Game Plan of the Underdog. She's a consistent honor student since grade school (Valedictorian) and found her passion in training and public speaking.